“I just had to write to thank you for your great customer service. I know I'm not a big business, but the service I got from you made me think I was.  I've never had more responsive service from anyone, and was able to get great information and great products for a great price.  What more could you ask for?"

  Baxter Ward
Ward Hardware 
   Eureka, CA 

"I didn't know the first thing about city codes; fortunately, you knew everything..."

T. Stoppard
Jennings Tool & Die

"I could have had my little company coasting along for years without getting much traction, but only 14 months after I called you, I've just broken ground on my 2nd facility. We're growing like mad!"

Angelina Chu
Textronic Automation, Ltd. 

 I'm an recording artist, not a  businessman. That's why I called you--you're the experts in setting up a recording contracts. Now I can concentrate on recording.                                                                                        Thanks!
- V E Andersen
Atlanta, GA

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